I can offer workshops for all schools and colleges, workshops are available on all my plays and for specific group; KS 3, GCSE and A Level




Workshop 1:  4 Plays and an Education pack.

– a playwrights journey into the community.

This workshop explores the journey one playwright took, in his on-going attempt to become established.  It would be of interest to students, teachers, beginning and emerging playwrights and delegates will receive a pack of materials. Alan links  aspects of  his own playwriting experiences. Featuring key areas of community, funding, production and audiences, delegates have the opportunity to explore issues, read short script extracts, share their own experiences, and develop ideas for a new theatre piece.  

Workshop 2: An Introduction to Playwriting

A fun and practical session, featuring writing tasks, a quiz, discussions and play extracts. By the end of the course…

1. Have a better understanding of where your ideas come from.

2. Can utilise a range of different Forms and Formats.

3. Appreciate every play must be about: i) People ii) Conflict.

4. Embrace theatricality; because it builds meaning into your production.

5. Embrace theatricality; because it builds meaning into your production.

What they said…

I liked the robust but friendly exchange of views.”

  “I enjoyed the exercises, the open exchange, the challenge of being  required to respond”.     

“I enjoyed the five act structure. It was fun, useful and playful”

“I liked the play read-through, the discussion about the characters and their actions”            

“Would make a good short course, so people could discuss their drafts”

“I enjoyed the discussion, the exercises and the anecdotes”

“I enjoyed the lively discussion and writing exercises. It was fun”

“I liked the size of the class, the simple approach to the 5 – act structure and getting the chance to write. Thank you for an enjoyable two hours”

Workshop 3 : Playwrights Use of History.

 1066 and All That declared in their introduction…               “History is not what you thought, it is what you can  remember.”

Professor Ray E. Scrubber, Indiana University: “Historians with dramatic skills should find ways to write plays about historical subjects rather than leaving such tasks to dramatists who mainly use historical figures to attract attention to their plays”.

Heritage Lottery Fund: “A stage play is not heritage”.   You need to be attached to a  bona – fide organisation.  I said “If I hadn’t written this play, we wouldn’t be having a conversation now2. 

A course that provides a thought provoking and stimulating course experience into all aspects of theatre, with some of the key and less well-known moments in history.

The above courses for community groups and can be customised to meet your groups specific needs…

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