Education Pack

On July 14, 2016 we launched the Education Pack and you can now download here in a PDF format (file size is 8.6 Mb).


Click this image to download the Education Pack

The pack has been developed to prompt discussion of the themes around cyber-bullying and generation SEXT.

Key activities include :

  • Questions
  • Discussions
  • Tasks
  • Research

Links are made to the film of the play, which can be used alongside the pack. The film is available to watch on YouTube.

The film of the production and this education pack would not have been possible without the support of the Enfield Residents Priority Fund and we would particularly like to thank Cllr Sarah Doyle, Cllr Joanna Laban and Joanne Stacey and all involved for their consideration.

As well as crowd funders Ruth McConnell, Janice Martucci, Geraldine Boyle, Lou Rogers and Laura Spence.