Meet the Characters

Young People

Kim Elliot

avatar_blankKim is 16, a student and best friends with Paris. She works part time in Sainsbury’s.      

Josh Grey

avatar_blankJosh is 11. Challenging behaviour, thinks he is street. Got stuff on his phone and doesn’t care who sees it. 

Sheree Francis

avatar_blankSherry is 13 but looks older and quite precocious, no wonder her parents worry. But who is the real adult when the trouble starts?

Tyrone Peters

avatar_blankTyrone is 16 and Darnell’s best friend. Student and keen sports person. Thinks he’s a Babe magnet. Of Afro - Caribbean heritage.

Paris Mathews

avatar_blankParis is 16 and a Student. Intelligent and ambitious. Professional parents. Of Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Darnell Coleman

avatar_blankDarnell is 15. A student. Likes to keep fit. Good at French. Bit of a Mummy’s boy. Of Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Dan Humphries

avatar_blankDan is 11. Josh’s mate and always put upon. Keeps in with him by playing up.


John Mathews

avatar_blank John is in his early 40s. Paris’s father. Local business man with textiles shop. Enjoys his tennis. Of Afro-Caribbean heritage.

Mary Mathews

avatar_blankMary Mathews is in her Late 30s. Runs the family shop. Has her standards and takes her tennis seriously.

Vanessa Francis

avatar_blankVanessa is in her mid 30s. Sheree’s mother. Head of Science and something of a snob.

Malcolm Francis


Malcolm is in his late 30s. Sheree’s father. Office Manager of a supply company. Not ambitious and somewhat henpecked.

Lois Coleman


Lois is in her early 30s. Darnell’s mother. Senior Care worker. Wraps Darnell in ‘cotton wool’, worries too much. French-Caribbean heritage.

Brian Coleman


Brian is in his mid 30s. Electrician. What you see is what you get. One of the lads and even fancies his chances at tennis.


avatar_blankThe Barrister is in their 40s. Advises on the Law.