Parental responses to questionnaire.  Some gave more than one response to a question.

  1. What is your way of accessing the internet at home / in your own time?

Phone 100%. Computers 50% Tablets 25%

  1. How many hours a week are the family on the internet? Including yourself.

15 hours 50%       25 hours 25%.   20 hours 25%

  1. How many social network accounts do they have?

None 50%    Adult use only 50%

  1. Can you name any of them?

What’s App / Facebook 50%

  1. Do you know if they play 18 rated games ? Y/ N?

Not allowed 100%

Could you say which ones?    N/A.

  1. Is it ok for them to share passwords online with someone famous someone they didn’t know? YES / NO?

No 100%


Passwords should never be shared.

Children have no internet access

Its not safe for kids

Phishing attacks and personal safety.

  1. Is it safe to chat online?

Only with family members, people we know. 25%

Yes and No.  25%

Yes 25%

Not really. The child doesn’t know who the person is at the other end. 25%

  1. What would you do if they received bullying texts?

Report them to the police 25%

Report it. 50%

Block the sender and report to the school. 25%

  1. What would you do if they put photos of them-selves online, when you had asked them not to?

I would have a good talk with them and explain myself carefully. 25%

Have them remove them but explain why.    25%

I would try to delete the pictures straight away.  25%

Take away gadgets for a period and explain the dangers 25%

  1. Which type of new media creates the most problems for you?

Facebook /Snapchat  /Instagram? Others?


I am the only user, my children too young. 25%

No problems so far. 25%

Facebook / Instagram and Youtube 50%.

PS4 apps and games with a social dimension 25%

  1. What can be done about websites which encourage young people to harm themselves?

Definitely should be removed or blocked

Is there such a thing?

The websites can be more private and more security

No experience of this. Report them to the police

  1. The main reason for young people not asking for help? Being judged? Embarrassment? Feel silly? Don’t know who to trust? Bad experience?

Responses included

Mainly because their friends will see them as stupid and a baby

Want to appear independent and mature.

Feeling embarrassment and silly

I imagine one factor is feeling they have done something wrong themselves.

  1. What can you do to help yourself?

Keep communicating and keep a wide view of internet development

Keep up to date and maintain vigilence

Help other people?

Encourage reports and experience sharing.

Give advice on being careful

Please say how many children you have:         2 children 75%     No response 25%

Age range   6 – 10  years

Do you sit with them / are you in the same room when they are on the internet?

Yes mostly. 25%

Yes.  25%

No. 25%


Is there anything else you would like to say? 

I feel we all need information to stay up with new developments and how to deal with them.

Really pleased that George Spicer is taking on a thorny issue!!!