George Spicer Primary School…are really excited about getting involved in this project.

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Plans are nearing completion for MNIT and George Spicer Primary School, Enfield to develop the project with Year and for their parents, with a view to start after Easter. 

             The workshops will draw on George Spicer’s own school values of                 RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY AND PERSEVERANCE.

The pupils will be operating as actors to explore the problems of e-safety and new media to develop their knowledge and understanding, communication skills and drama techniques and We will work with two Yr 5 classes, around 60 pupils. The session length will be 90 minutes and the pupils will receive regular feedback and guidance through the activities. This project values the contributions of all, which we hope will benefit the participants, their peers, their families and the wider school community.


  1. Games and exercises:  To get everyone  working, build the group dynamic, feedback on drama skills. And have fun.
  2. Still images / Frozen pictures:  Whole class approach to explore characters, emotions  and situations.
  3. Core values – Respect, Responsibility and Perseverance:  working in different sized groups to explore the values.  Smaller groups to explore their value and then add short speeches. Share some and reflect on what we have learned.
  4. Respect, Responsibility and Perseverance and the Media? Brief discussion on how we use those values when we use the media in our every day.  Small group work showing a family / friends using the internet and doing something they know is wrong.  Time to prepare and then share some and feedback from the class.

Plenary: What are the three most important things we have learnt today?

About acting? About the issues? What is important to them. ?

SESSION 2: looks at being outside, on the fringe and central to the the problem.

SESSION 3: Introduces character work to help the pupils build their wider knowledge, a character they will create and then become in the final session which is a Community debate.

SESSION 4: Is a LIVE FROM GEORGE SPICER debate on the problems and possible solutions,             with a panel of experts played by the pupils and an audience all with something to say.

The debate will be lead by either myself or a teacher to ask important questions to ensure we get some answers.

If you would like to learn more about these new opportunities please contact Alan on or phone  07535737247.