13501675_1651521648505429_1617260113158723023_nThe Northumberland Park Partnership Board are working with the Selby Trust in supporting Community Projects in Northumberland Park Ward of Haringey Borough of London. The Board was successful in partnership with Haringey Council in securing a total of £210,000 grant funding to distribute, of which £180,000 is from the DCLG Transformation Challenge Award Grant and £30,000 is from a community health improvement initiative – Well Communities (Well London) – all of which is to benefit the Northumberland Park ward area.

Selby Trust

My name is Tom have applied for a Seedling Grant, because the NPPB recognise that there may be individuals in the community with good ideas but find it difficult to get funding and if successful we will be providing a range of events / activities for young people and adults.


This Education Project explores the problems of e-safety and new media for young people and adults, to get them to talk to each other, to ease some of the problems.

This will be achieved through two screenings of the play My name is Tom, followed by fun practical drama sessions to for both young people and adults to explore their concerns and how to deal with them.

This project offers a safe space for young people and adults to explore, share experiences and work together to create a safer use of the internet and technology, while still enjoying the benefits.

What difference will your project make to the area?

My name is Tom is a unique opportunity bringing together young people and adults to try and prevent cyberbullying, self-harm, grooming and many other problems, to take control of their lives.

Working in a fun and creative way, through screenings and workshops, building on knowledge, understanding and communication skills. All are welcome regardless of experience, academic ability or drama / theatre skills, which will be free with funding from NPPB

Elsewhere in our project we are working with an Enfield Primary School and the Godwin Lawson Foundation, which tells us we are relevant and helping across the community.

How will you know if your project has made a difference in the area? 

Sam Bawden Head of Drama at Northumberland Park School believes the project, “ Sounds like a very interesting project to get involved with”, will help us achieve our objective, placing our activities at the heart of the community and the Selby Centre.

If successful, we will meet with the community to shape our activities around the structure of screenings and workshops.  Numbers will give some indication if our offer is right, along with feedback forms and informal discussions with participants, as well as the end of project performance and sharing of work.

How will you communicate what you have done with NPPB, partners and residents? 

– Full end of project accounts along with a detailed report including feedback from participants.

– Advice and guidance for people to share.

– Session activities and photographs with participant comments to feature on the project website.

– It is hoped that some activities could be filmed and used as educational resources.-