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Monthly archives: December, 2016


Well not if you are a teenager as the latest figures on self harming are released by a leading charity. 

The children’s charity NSPCC says nearly 19,000 children were admitted to hospital after harming themselves last year – a 14% rise over three years.

One school we know of, use to have two staff to cover all incidents of safeguarding including self harming. Now they have eight staff and anyone can deal with the issue of self harming. Schools are struggling to cope and sadly the situation will only get worse, yet we know why this is happening.

1. Schools focusing on the academic and not looking after the
personal development of young people.

2. The sexualisation of young people in the media.

3. Social network sites.

4. Peer pressure to ‘look good’

5. Parents / carers not doing enough to guide and support their loved ones.

Do we really have to believe in Father Christmas, in the hope that the situation will improve?

Wishing you all a safe and secure Christmas and a caring New Year from My name is Tom.



December news…Dazu Youth Club

                        dazu                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        YOUTH CLUB, SOUTHGATE. Friday 25th November 2016.


Presented the project to members and got a range interesting and thoughtful responses. Changes needed to the presentation and thank you to the members for their honesty. Thank you to Clare for the opportunity, and Liz and Dan for the support.  For more information about Dazu…http://www.dazu.co.uk/dazu.htm     

Edited Dazu















Deecmeber news…Rachel Russell Interview

Rachel Russell, Feature Writer.

East London and West Essex Guardian SeriesEast London Guardian and Independent series.

Wed 23rd November 2016.


     Rachel very kindly interviewed me about the project…       

I find questions are always good for reflection and reappraisal.

Thank you Rachel.    



December news…Barnet Practitioners Forum.

Barnet Practitioners Forum:  

Tues 22nd November 2016.

The theme of the meeting was: All Together Now – Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online and guest speaker was Will Gardener CEO of Childnet International, who spoke of the problems of Sexting and Cyber Bullying, introducing some of their new resources.  Highly recommended.


Was pleased to be able to do a short presentation at the end and give out information about My name is Tom and chat to people.   Would recommend this to anyone working / liaising in Barnet.

http://Contact Tony.Lewis@Barnet.gov.uk