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Monthly archives: February, 2016

My name is Tom and Enfield Parent Engagement Panels.

What has been achieved so far? Brought new talent to the Dugdale Centre, met with schools and the wider community, wowed audiences with four nights of performances, promoted the project across the Borough of Enfield, run workshops in schools and the community, and assisting with presentations for Safer Internet Day.

PEPImage result for Enfield Parent Engagement Panels Sam Morris

The Parent Engagement Panel (PEP) is a parent network with over 250 parents involved. PEP members meet regularly in different locations across Enfield including Honilands School, Angel Community Centre, Bowes Children’s Centre, Woodpecker School and Lavender Children Centre. They discuss issues, hear from guest speakers, find out about services for parents, access training such as first aid and child protection, make friends, and support each other.

Last week I had the good fortune to present to three of the PEP branches: Bowes, Enfield Town and Honilands and it was great to get everyones concerns and the positivity for the project is so uplifting.

“The presentation was really informative and it was great to see everyone really engaging with it!  

Hopefully the next three area meetings will be just as good”.

Yvonne Kwokori

PEP Support Worker. Strategy, Partnerships, Engagement and Consultation Team.

Next meeting Walker PEP.

Friday 12th February 2016

9.00am Walker School, Waterfall Road, Southgate, N14 7EG.

Hope to see you all there.

Crowdfunder for the Education Project finishes…

Thank you to Ruth McConnell, Janice Martucci, Lou Rogers, Geraldine and Anna Zannides for your most gererous support.


For all their support on our recent crowdfunding scheme, the money is very welcome the spreading of the the project priceless…Thank you.

We want to use the education pack to get across some of the ideas developed through the course of the project, while at the same time getting the ideas and opinions from both teenagers and adults from a wide section of the community. The pack will also be available online so that it can become a living resource as the project grows.

Your contribution  can make all difference because… not only we be able to meet with all of the community as planned, it will give those communties a voice and a sense of ownership. Furthermore we will be able to produce hard copy for schools, colleges, libraries and community

Some of the problems

We appreciate not everyone can contribute financially, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

1. Talk to your family, friends and colleagues about the project.

2. Send us your ideas, thoughts and concerns about the many issues to help  us help others.

3. Get a free assembly / presentation for your child’s secondary school.

To find out more about how tyou can support the project please contact Alan on…


Thank you for taking the time.

Latest production photographs by Smoggynorm

“I’d like to thank the cast of actors for portraying the experience of young people’s lives. It was very good.”

                                                                                          “This production has some important key messages and the cast are an amazing group of people.”

“Wonderful way of getting information out in an easily accessible way! Don’t miss this opportunity to see an exciting new play with an important message by local playwright Alan Spence”

“Had a great evening at The Dugdale, hope you bring it – ‘BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND’. Well done Alan Spence for writing the play that gave the cast the opportunity to shine.”

“Love the fact we have the Dugdale Centre to support such conversation – starting, thought-provoking, on-the-pulse plays. Congratulations Alan Spence”.

“I thought these actors were great at doubling-up as teenagers and parents”.

Curtain Call.