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Monthly archives: January, 2016

The My name is Tom project goes from strength to strength,

Great session today with Woodside High and Riverside students today with lots of questions following their visit to My name is Tom last week. Really enjoyed watching them develop their ideas and scenes based on my characters from the play.

IMG_3910 IMG_3857  IMG_3872

                                            IMG_3846    IMG_3840 IMG_3847

“Thank you to the actors for portraying on stage the real world of teenagers, with Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp.

“I liked that we saw behind the scenes, what the families were like and how they did or didn’t communicate”.

  Photographs from last week’s session courtesy of Smoggynorm.


9. Detention 2  9. Detention

 “Love the fact we have the Dugdale Centre to support such conversation-starting, thought-provoking, on-the-pulse plays”.

“Last night I had the privilege to be invited to the brilliant well written and executed play My Name Is Tom, a psychologically thrilling story with a twist. This is not a typical play although the storyline could be followed easily which made the play even more interesting when it got to the end”.

“If you have not booked your tickets yet I recommend that you do so.

This play deserves 4 stars and I would definitely see it again!”

                                        9. Detention 59. Detention 4

Photographs by Smoggynorm.



Another great night for the cast of My name is Tom.

“Well done cast of My Name is Tom. Asiah always knew you were multi-talented. Had a great evening at The Dugdale and hope you bring the show – ‘BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND’. Well done Alan Spence for writing the play that gave the cast the opportunity to shine.”

                                                                                                                                                                           Sandy Senior.

                         “This play should be seen by every school”            “The play was excellent and it is so topical”

               “I have seen it twice and it was even better last night”    “I came from Birmingham and it was well worth it”

                                    “This play covers so many issues, I loved it”  “All the cast were excellent”

                                         “I thought it was really good and loved the plot twist at the end”


8. Blame8. Blame 68. Blame 3


Photographs courtesy of Smoggynorm.


MY NAME IS TOM…Friday Schools matinee

Woodside and Riverside audience


“I would like to thatnk the actors for putting the lives of teenagers on stage in a very realistic way, with Snapchat and Instagram”.



Cast 2


“It was nice to go behind the secenes and see the teenagers with their parents

and how they do and don’t comunicate”


Great matinee session with the students of Woodside High and Riverside Schools from Haringey.

Looking forward to next week’s workshop.



“I saw it tonight. Really think we’re so lucky in Enfield having the dugdale put on such a range of plays. A lot squeezed into one hour. Don’t want to give too much away but you’re in for a thought provoking and entertaining evening”.

“You could take this play anywhere. And I mean anywhere”

“Just seen this at The Dugdale Centre, Enfield. It’s a must for teenagers and parents!

Well done playwright Alan Spence. It certainly gets the message across”Loved the use of all the messages.”

“Absolutely brilliant”

Photographs courtesy of Smoggynorm.