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Monthly archives: November, 2015



Previous productions…

Nowt poster   
NOWT LIKE THIS IN AMERICA 2009 Saltburn Community Theatre.

The play set in Eston and Redcar, just prior to the 1980 Steel Strike, and centres around Shop steward  John Wilkinson. With slides used to provide a historical, national and chronological perspective, it is the story of a family, a community and an industry.

The moving storyline is set against a background of newspaper headlines and stories which add to the atmosphere and help describe the changing face of the industry over time and the bigger picture created by the steel strikes.

 Middlesbrough-born writer Alan Spence manages to inject a real Teesside spirit into the story with local references, settings, and at times a touch of humour. Alan admits the play was years in the making, but this has allowed him to bring the story right up to date and tell a tale of struggle and solidarity which is just as relevant right now as it was when he originally sat down  to write his story.  

 Verdict:  Well worth a look.        CHRIS HOLE  Middlesbrough Evening Gazette.

The Boro's 37mins

The Boro’s 37mins 2010 Hazel Pearson Theatre, MIddlesbrough.              2011 Main Hall, Brittan Building Teesside University.

Act 1 1985 – 1995 With supporters fearing the worst when the club gates are locked.  coping with work, school and relationships, and then there is the town itself. Lisa wanted to start a family and when she fell pregnant, the Boro reached the ZDS Cup Final. Could things get any better? Promotions were followed by relegation, yet the Boro were founder members of the Premier League in 1992/93 and were soon to get a new stadium.

Act 2: 2003 to 2010 The Riverside, the Carling Cup and even Europe, Middlesbrough in the noughties. Lisa has brought up Sean on her own and has much to be thankful for. Middlesbrough continues to have its critics and the economic downturn affects both supporters and club alike. Sean has done well and University beckons. Lisa has a new man in her life and is even looking at properties. But all is not well at The Riverside or with the fans  and a happy ending is even further away than ever.

The 2011 production was part of a partnership project which received monies from the Heritage Lottery Fund and between August 2011 and May 2013 the Middlesbrough 86 Partnership, led by Theatre is Real Life, undertook a project with the primary aims of documenting the past twenty five years of Middlesbrough Football Club, beginning with the famous scenario of the club being saved from extinction with 37 Minutes to go.

The project hoped to educate future generations about this period in Middlesbrough’s history and highlight the inextricable link between club and community.Over 230 days of programmed events were delivered and attended by more than 69,000 local people. “The Back to the Brink” exhibition at Middlesbrough’s Dorman Museum more than doubled the usual monthly attendances for the museum during its three month display.You can find out more by following this link: http://m86.org.uk/








Remember…Theatre isn’t just for Panto, it’s for life!!!

Tickets are available now from The Dugdale Centre,
Thomas Hardy House, 39, London Road, Enfield. WN2 6DS.

£12 and £8 concs. £11 and £7 online.



DIRECTOR’S DIARY….5th November.

CanMe on Family Sunday - B&W‘t believe we are only 10 weeks from opening, though I must say a lot has happend since the auditions and then start of rehearsals. I have had the good fortune to produce and direct many school and community plays and performances and I can’t believe how lucky I feel to work with such a positive, creative and giving cast. Not least because some travel from South London to be involved. 

The origins of My name is Tom  began with Face Front Inclusive Theatre’s SEX FM A unique, exciting and interactive forum theatre production designed to build confidence and engage the thoughts and feelings of young people on the complex issues of – teenage pregnancy, negotiating sexual relationships and sexually transmitted infections. Next year it tours for the 16th time.


As One of Face Front’s trustees I have had the good fortune to see the production and interactive forum on a number of occasions and have learnt from seeing its development and what works with young audiences. Another influence in My name is Tom’s development was an article in the Times Educational Supplement by Vicki Shiel, which to my experience was the first article on the problem of sexting, and I said to colleagues “this takes teenage relationships to a whole new dangerous level” and the need for My name is Tom was born.  

See the article here https://www.tes.com/article.aspx?storycode=6014030  


The play has a great storyline that is very relevant to today’s youth exploring important current topics. 

                                                                                                                         Jasmine A. Price

I got involved in this project because it is meaningful with a lot to say. For teen-agers, young adults and parents, to enlighten audiences on the dangers of social media, bad relationships, sexting and parental neglect.

                                                                                                                             Flo Akano.

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