The Boro’s 37mins (2010)

Hazel Pearson Theatre Middlesbrough  (2010) reviews from the Fly me to the Moon website.

Rob Nicholls.  fmttm website editor

Away all week so only got the chance to watch a new play, Boro’s 37 minutes this afternoon.

Get along to Middlesbrough College this evening (7pm kick off) if you possibly can for this emotional rollercoaster by Alan Spence.

Nah! That is a cliche – this play is anything but a cliche – it is the wild and wonderful, frustrating and frightening Boro story. Sadness and heart break, ecstasy and agony on and off the field.

From liquidation to Location, Location, Location. Pak Do Ik to Premier League. Parmos to Corus closure.

Big screen highlights of some memorable football action. But also a gritty drama that is intertwined with the football but in a most unexpected and dramatic way.

Karaoke in the Shakey was so funny. But the alienation of a dislocated family was no laughing matter at all. I saw at least one person dabbing away at tears in the audience.

Get down to Middlesbrough College tonight – the theatre is through the main doors, town entrance. 7 pm kick off. I think it is £6 in. But it is amazing actually – knocked me out. If you can do get to see it. Definitely worth it.

Am going to hoof this again because it was just so good.

Cleveleyssmoggie Posted on 17/07/2010 17:34
Boro’s 37 Minutes – See it tonight.

“There is some swearing so they reckon not suitable for kids.” A bit like a football match then Rob?

asredastheycome Posted on 17/07/2010 17:37
Boro’s 37 Minutes – See it tonight
Is it only tonight Rob. Would like to see this but I’m away until Wednesday.
Riggott_misses Posted on 17/07/2010 18:51
Boro’s 37 Minutes – See it tonight.

I can vouch for how good the play is too. Worthwhile for the video clips alone. A must for any boro fan. If you have given up your season ticket, watching this would have you rushing down to the ticket office.

caz_boro Posted on 17/07/2010 21:25
Boro’s 37 Minutes – See it tonight.

Totally agree that it was worth seeing! It was probably me who you saw wiping my eyes.  It is worth the ups and downs with the Boro! I love the emotion!

Come on Boro!!

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