Nowt Like This in America (2009)

NOWTPlay_posterSaltburn Community Theatre

Almost thirty years after the 1980 Steel Strike on Teesside, Alan Spence’s play about the effects of the strike on a family, a community and an industry, has finally has finally received its world premiere at the Saltburn Community Theatre on the 18th November.

The play had a rehearsed reading at the Live Theatre, Newcastle in conjunction with Cleveland Theatre Company in 1990 and has under-gone a number of re-drafts, before new scenes being added earlier this year. The new scenes have enabled the narrative to return to the Wilkinson in 2003 and discover what has happened to the family since the early 80’s.

The global recession and the continued problems at Redcar, has only added a poignancy to the story, a story that has largely been forgotten by the general public, locally and nationally. Being over-shadowed by the Miners Strike 25th anniversary and Thatchers’ 30th anniversary.

What is quite unique is that wherever we have met people across Teesside, they have either been employed at British Steel, in one of the many other steel companies or a member of their family has.

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