Review of Sex FM: Face Front Inclusive Theatre.

Tuesday 3rd Feb 2015.


The cast of Mathew, Sarah, Jai and Emma entertained the audience with a high energy, fast action performance had the audience laughing in recognition, gasping at its honesty, and still for moments of genuine intimacy. Jokes and contemporary references (No likey, no lighty) made the performance accessible, dance music and the near – the – knuckle physicality pulled no punches as the audience nudged and commented to each other.

Strong characterisation and overt propositioning by Sarah as Chanelle in her relations with Chris, had some of the audience near me gasping. While Jai and Mathew doubling as 10 year olds took the energy and the trials of boyhood to another level when left on their own, so Stacey could go the party.

I thought the changes in the script worked very well, the removal of the adult characters, to focus on young people only added to the performance. Along with the narratives of sexting / video issues were seamlessly woven into the performance.

There was much to enjoy in the staging through dance, physical theatre, imagination and moments of stillness, awkwardness and intimacy. Emma’s portrayal of Stacey, and her unwanted pregnancy, another powerful moment

Particularly illuminating were the prop boards indicating the permutations in relationships and the increased likelihood of an STI, clearly made their mark, as the audience realised  the consequences.

The workshop that followed was equally successful with the cast taking it in turns to lead the q & a session.  Admirably supported by quality volunteers who rose to the challenge to entertain their peers and portray their characters with a maturity and clarity, which you would hope your students would show in real life situations.

Alan Spence was a Trustee of Face Front Inclusive Theatre, Edmonton, North London.