homes and gardens: my latest play.

While My name is Tom is a major part of the company’s work, I haven’t stopped writing and my latest play is called homes and gardens (2016).

It is inspired by Guisborough – born Robert Holman’s   anti war trilogy – Making Noise Quietly…

A conscientious objector and a roaming artist find tenderness as the carnage of World War II unfolds across the Channel and doodlebugs explode in the meadow. A bereaved mother struggles with bitterness and love in recollecting her estranged son, lost in the Falklands. Deep in the Black Forest, an ageing holocaust survivor seeks to bring peace to disturbed young boy and his equally wild step-father. A delicately poetic triptych of plays, Holman’s seminal work paints a very human picture of the subtly devastating effects of war and examines the bonds of suffering shared by us all.  


I have used Holman’s idea of three different time periods  and locations to explore both global and personal issues and narratives as follows 1968: Paris – Revolution. 1988: New Jersey – Waste and 2008: Cornwall – Eclipse.

I have sent it off to various opportunities, so fingers crossed.  Now if there was a production in 2018 that would be a bit special? Watch this space.