A Playwright’s Journey: Part One.

In the early 1960’s, I was a shipyard apprentice at Smith’s Dock. Smith’s Dock became famous for preparing the design of the Flower – class corvette, an anti-submarine convoy escort of the Second World War celebrated in the novel The Cruel Sea.   HMS Sunflower.  http://media.iwm.org.uk/iwm/mediaLib//18/media-18797/ In my time, we built everything from fruit carriers, Continue reading

How should the theatre industry respond..? June 17th 2015.

On 17th June some 60 theatre professionals, academics and students attended a remarkable conference, that not only asked participants to ask the right questions, but also provide the right answers. Organised before last general election by: Fin Kennedy (Artistic Director of Tamasha, Playwright and co-author and coordinator of In Battalions) Helen Campbell-Pickford, (PhD Researcher and co-author, In Battalions) Continue reading

My Name is Tom

“ANYONE WHO SAYS THEIR SCHOOL HASN’T GOT A PROBLEM…IS LYING”  Strong words from one North London teacher, whose school is working on the My Name is Tom Education Project. “The project explores the problems of e-safety and issues surrounding new media” Project Director Alan Spence of Theatre is Real Life. Just some of the problems… Continue reading