31st Dec 2016:        

Submitted homes and gardens to Hampstead Theatre

9th Jan 2017:          

Submitted application for 503 Theatre FIVE A residency /mentoring scheme.

22nd Jan 2017:      

Submitted Two Sisters for a scratch night run by Free Rayne Artists; for up and             coming playwrights, directors and actors.

24th Jan 2017:  

Barnet Practitioners Forum: a bi – monthly meeting that brings together a range professionals to provide an opportunity to discover new services within the borough, it also provides a great opportunity for networking with practitioners who work with children and young people across Barnet. An information sharing session at the end of the forum where practitioners stand up and talk about their organisation and hand out information.  Lunch, as ever, is provided.

3rd Feb 2017:    

Submission of homes and gardens to Papatango Prize for new writing. As my playwright mates all say…someone has to win it.

Lots of redrafting and re-structuring, getting the format of homes and gardens right. And some really helpful tips from my sister on the action in Act 1 and some translation for Act 3.

5th Feb 2017:

Yet another competition entry, The Bruntwood Prize and website with lots of help for emerging writers.

28th Feb 2017:

And still the competitions keep coming, this time The George Devine award now run by his daughter Harriet. The George Devine Award is an annual prize, established in 1966 in honour of the first director of the Royal Court Theatre. Would be entrants were reminded that while your play need not have been produced to be submitted, it’s worth noting that any list of past winners is made almost of award-winners and high-profile debut productions. Right!!

3rd March 2017:

A chance to catch up with former colleagues at the Park Theatre N4, for a superb production of A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess’s classic and exciting and wonderful performance by Jonno Davies as Alex.



4th March 2017: 

Submission of homes and gardens to Soho Theatre in open submission.

10th March 2017:

Submitted funding bid to Northumberland Park Partnership Board and the Selby trust in Tottenham, to bring the My name is Tom to their community with screenings and workshops for young people and adults.

19th March 2017:

Booked for a  Simon Vinnicombe playwriting workshop to kick start my ideas for my new play Abandoned. Simon comes highly recommended and the workshop is 16th May, the day before I go on a writing break. Brilliant.

14th April 2017:

Another competition submission, with the Nick Darke Award.

At Stoke he wrote his first full-length play, Never Say Rabbit in a Boat in 1977. He gave up acting to write full-time in 1978. Over the next twenty-eight years, he wrote twenty-seven plays which have been performed in theatres all over the world eight for the RSC and two for The National Theatre. He also wrote for radio, television and film.

Many of his plays reflect Cornish society and culture such as the tin mining, countryside, fishermen and the quirky nature of country living. Nick died from cancer  in 2005 aged 56.



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